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Money Africa was created to help individuals, professionals, and business owners (like you) figure out their relationship with money and how to make it work for them.

Why Money Africa Premium? Here’s How Funke turned money into an employee.

Funke grew up in what you'd call a lower-middle-class household. Her father was a teacher at the government school and her mother was a petty trader. 

Together, they earned just enough to take care of their basic needs and keep a roof over their head. Despite these unfavourable circumstances, Funke was able to get a university education and get a job right after school. 

The job paid okay and required Funke to move far away from home. She quickly rose through the ranks at work and was earning fairly well. 

She was taking care of her siblings’ education but still had enough to spend, save and go on the occasional vacation. 

After a while, Funke realised that she needed to start planning for her future and for when she would not be able to work again.

She had fallen victim to Ponzi and MLM schemes in the past and she was determined not to make that mistake again...

What changed for Funke?

Funke got the right financial knowledge and finally understood how money worked.

All of this happened because she found the Money Africa community and got on the right track toward preparing for the future.

She got financial education, changed her short term mindset and applied the relevant information to her finances. That literally changed her life.

Do you want to change your life like Funke?

We can help.

Money Africa was created to help you understand money and how to make it work for you.

We teach our members all they need to know about personal finance and building a solid investment portfolio.

Financial Education

Find all the knowledge you need to make better, more informed financial decisions.


Access to classes and relevant advice on securing your future and making your money work for you.


Connect and grow financially with other like-minded individuals.

Find your Tribe

As a premium member of the community, your growth is our priority. We will assist you on how to;

  • Set up an emergency fund.

  • Build a diversified and high-performance investment portfolio.

  • Plan for retirement.

  • Settle and avoid debt.

  • Build wealth comfortably.

Annual Plan

Having the right financial habits would set you apart from your peers. You'll be much more financially secure and stable.

Pay once a year and get:

  • One on One Session with our Financial Expert (Once a year).

  • Dedicated Personal Finance Advisor (Via email).

  • Weekly Finance and Investment Live Sessions (Recordings are available).

  • Bimonthly Newsletter on the Financial Markets.

  • Access to the Private Telegram Community for Premium Subscribers.

  • Diversified Portfolio suited to your Risk Appetite (Covers global stock, crypto and other international investments extensively)

₦ 100,000

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This is what some members of our community have to say about us.

Good evening all, so i just finished my one on one session with Onome and it was really insightful.

He’s very knowledgeable and I was able to discuss many of my concerns as well as some ideas that I had for myself with him. He gave a lot of solid intel into mutual funds, crypto and the likes, along with opportunities that I could explore to earn more active income.

He put a lot of critical thought into his advice and I really appreciate all that I was able to learn from him.


I should be appreciating your genius. lt's so hard to get optimum value for money spent these days because most people are all about the profit but the money Africa team is really focused on value.

The emails, the free journal, pre-recorded videos on the website, it's endless.


Tosin!!! Just checked my portfolio, I have almost reached the $5000 ROI mark…

Like howwwww, I am so excited. Like definition of making your money work for you!!!! I started mid last year, imagine if i started in my 20s


We’ve also got freebies

When you pay for the ₦100,000 Premium plan, you also get access to freebies like:

  • Free Personal Finance Journal

  • Free Investment Tracker

  • Free Budget Tracker

Money makes everything better and with the right financial decisions, you can prepare for a comfortable life after retirement, just like Funke.