Here’s How Funke turned money into an employee.

Funke grew up in what you'd call a lower-middle-class household. Her father was a teacher at the government school and her mother was a petty trader. 

Together, they earned just enough to take care of their basic needs and keep a roof over their head. 

Despite these unfavourable circumstances, Funke was able to get a university education and get a job right after school. 

The job paid okay and required Funke to move far away from home. She quickly rose through the ranks at work and was earning fairly well. 

She was taking care of her siblings’ education but still had enough to spend, save and go on the occasional vacation. 

After a while, Funke realised that she needed to start planning for her future and for when she would not be able to work again.

She had fallen victim to Ponzi and MLM schemes in the past and she was determined not to make that mistake again. 

She reached out to a couple of firms and asked about their investment services. They told her about their investment plans and she picked the one that would pay the highest returns after a year. 

After the first year, Funke checked her portfolio and saw that it was less than the capital she put in. She was shocked. How could she lose money? 

She spoke to her account manager and it was on that day Funke learned the difference between projected returns and actual returns. 

The firm projected that they would make a lot of money without informing Funke that she could also lose money. 

Funke took her reduced capital out in anger and decided to hold it herself. It was during this time that she came across the Money Africa community. 

Her friend, Ngozi, had shared a link to join an online community. It was called “The Money Africa Community.”

Ngozi explained to Funke that she joined that community only last year and it had impacted her financial life in ways she couldn’t imagine. 

She explained to Funke how the one on one session and personalized plan helped her understand how money works and make better financial decisions.

Funke reluctantly joined the community since she was sceptical about investments in general. After a while, she started paying attention to what was being shared. She also connected with some people there and they set shared goals. 

She started participating in the classes and even got a personal financial advisor. This person helped her take stock of her finances and put her investment and portfolio in order.  

Little by little, Funke started investing more money in different places. She was diversifying with good research and advice from the Money Africa team.

In over a year, Funke had amassed hundreds of thousands in dividends from her investments. She couldn't believe it. She struggled to hold back tears as she called Ngozii and informed her immediately. 

She thanked her for introducing her to the community that changed her life. The money felt unreal because she didn't have to physically or mentally work for it, she now knew how to make money work for her. 

What was even more interesting is that Funke learnt about the long term goal of investing. When she initially started investing, she used to think of 3 to 6 months. But with MoneyAfrica, that mindset has changed. 

She now thinks of investing in 5 years to 10 years and more. Did you know what she learnt? For instance, if you had invested N100,000 in Netflix 10 years ago, it is worth over N13 million now. Investing is long term, let’s teach you so you can build wealth in the long run.

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